A Digital Signature System Based on Hand Geometry
An Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network
Brain Tumor Classification using Multi Wavelet Transform (MWT) and Gray Wolf Optimization (GWO)
Classify Political Arabic Post Using XGBoost and Firefly
Construct DDoS Attack Detection System Based on Mutual Information and Ensemble Learning
Corpus –Based Plagiarism Detection System Using LSTM Network
Crime Detection and Prediction using Data Mining Techniques
Design and Implementation System for Covid-19 Detection and Diagnosis Based on IoT
Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Blood Based Biomarkers and Machine Learning Tools
Develop A hybrid Selection Framework to Detect Lung Cancer based on Deep Learning
Develop a Key Stream Generator for Digital Graduation Documents Using Steganography
Developing a New Ultra-Lightweight Encryption Algorithm Using Novel 4D Chaotic System
Diagnosing Health Condition for Autism Spectrum Disorder based on Data Mining Techniques
Emotion Recognition Based on Speech Signal and Artificial Neural Networks
E-Voting System Design and Implementation Based on Blockchain Platform Built with Hyperledger Fabric
Food Recommendation System Based on Data Clustering Techniques and User Nutrition Records
Implementation of Deep Learning Model for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Improving Network Management Depend on Intent Based Networking Methodology
Intelligent Analysis System for Predicting Spreading Rates of COVID-19 in Iraq
Intelligent triage method for early diagnosis autism spectrum disorder (ASD) based on integrated fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methods
Lie Detection-Based EEG Signal using Frequency and Time Features
Lightweight Method to Secure Information of the IoT Devices
Music Recommendation System based on Hybrid Models
One-Dimension Deep Learning Model for Detecting Diabetes, Heart, and Cardiovascular Diseases
Prediction System for Flooding in East of Iraq Using Data mining and Deep learning Models
Rumor Detection in Facebook Arabic Posts Using Deep Learning Model
Secure IoT Method for Healthcare Tracking
Skin Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques
SQL Injection Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Using Ensemble Learning to Detect Denial of Service Attack