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Lect.Dr. Maisaa Hameed

Head of Certifications Department & Institute Council Rapporteur

Email: maysaa78@gmail.com

Phone number: 07901524206

Educational attainment:

In (1999-2000) graduated from University of Technology / Department of Computer Science / Bachelor of Computer Science.

In (2002-2003) graduated from University of Technology, Department of Computer Science / Master of Computer Science / Data Security.

Scientific competencies:

1. The first research “Concealment of Information in Digital Image

2.The second research, “Proving Potency of Steganography Systems” (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) MCSD.

3. “Face Image Recognition using 2D PCA Algorithm” the third search

4. The fourth Research “Principles of creating and moving human character.

5.  The fifth search: “image coding and decoding by using wavelet transform”

6.  The sixth research: “recent techniques of open education resources”

7. The seventh research, “toward generating a new video education lectures dataset and performance comparison with various machine learning algorithms”

8.The eighth search, “dataset classification using deep learning and machine learning classification algorithms.”

9. The ninth search “comparison between a new dataset (Audio and Video) with book dataset using convolution deep learning and WEKA program tool”.

Practical competencies

Programming languages:

 Visual Basic.Net, Python, Java, Android Studio, SQL Programming Database, NetBeans, Visual Basic,

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