Dean Introduction

In the context of implementing the trends aimed at paying attention to the quality of higher education and improving its outputs in response to needs and in accordance with national, regional and global requirements, the Informatics Institute for Graduate Studies has been keen to give exceptional priority to the processes of renewal, modernization and change in a dynamic way to the curricula, visions and goals of the institute. In an era that is pervaded by all aspects of advanced computer technologies, the Institute of Informatics for Higher Studies / Iraqi Computer and Informatics Authority is making its way towards distinction, progress and prosperity, taking it upon us to produce a pioneering generation of graduate degree holders, whose personality is characterized by scientific brilliance and skillful creativity. To be strong competitors in the fields of the labor market, walking with confident steps towards academic and research excellence, with the help of elite faculty members from inside and outside the institute with experience and competence, as well as an interactive educational environment that allows students to make the most of all teaching materials, and standards have been adopted and applied. And national and international standards for academic accreditation in a way that makes the institute’s outputs compete with their counterparts from institutes and colleges in local and regional universities, and accordingly and within the framework of the institute’s vision and mission, the Informatics Institute for postgraduate Studies aspires for excellence and leadership in the field of computers and information technology locally and regionally by providing quality education based on emerging knowledge and skills. Contributing to creative research to serve the community, hoping to God Almighty for success.

Institute Location

Institute Goals

The goals of the institute

  1. Adopting and developing performance standards to measure the scientific level and skills of graduate students.
  2. Excellence in research and development programs in all fields to serve the community.
  3. Cultural contributions.
  4. Building community and governmental institutions’ confidence in the institute’s output.
  5. Organizing seminars and holding scientific conferences with the aim of deepening the concepts of information and knowledge
  6. Exchanging experiences in the fields of computer science and information systems with the corresponding bodies and institutions.
  7. Establishing specialized research units in the fields of computer science, information systems and information technology.

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Institute Message & Vision

The vision of the institute is to keep pace with global progress in the field of computer science and information technology to support decision makers. In addition to following up and comprehension and develop scientific concepts of information technology and benefit of artificial intelligence applications in various fields.
Activating the role of the software and informatics industry in society and keeping pace with the global development in information technology by following up developments in computer technology, hardware and software field, and implementing postgraduate programs and holds specialized training courses with conducting theoretical applied research and studies in the field of e-computers and providing advisory services to various state departments as well as the private sector. The commission seeks to implement the e-government project and contributes to developing and developing curricula for departments of computer science, engineering and software in universities and institutes.

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